Does your business need one?

Chatbot Solutions for New Mexico

Does your business need a Chatbot?

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re wondering if your business needs a Chatbot. The answer is yes – if your business is making it’s way in the digital world with a website, social media, etc then yes Chatbots can be extremely beneficial for your business!

We’ll get to the why in a moment, first let’s explain what a Chatbot is. A Chatbot is a form of artificial intelligence. They interact with people through messaging, just like having a text conversation on your phone! There are tons of use cases for Chatbots. When it comes to business, they are usually a service that helps the business reach it’s goals.

What are chatbots

The benefits of a Chatbot.

Chatbots have SO MANY benefits your business can leverage for success. Chatbots can perform like a digital customer rep, but better! Whether it’s on your website or your social media accounts, a Chatbot can help your customers by answering FAQs, book appointments, qualify leads, provide an exceptional customer experience, and so much more! They do this in real-time and can help multiple customers at once! And the marketing benefits a Chatbot has to offer are more than ideal, the benefits are surreal!

To quote Chat-Savvy Bots, A Chatbot company that was recently featured as a top 10 Chatbot provider of 2021; “Chatbots offer plenty of benefits beyond conversation.” WE couldn’t agree more! Chatbots can help cut operational costs, improve employee productivity, and gather customer insights! It’s no wonder businesses are embracing Chatbots!

Are you starting to see why a Chatbot is good for your business? If you’re ready to learn how you can get a Chatbot then jump ahead by clicking here. Not convinced, then the next paragraph is for you!

Chatbots Aren’t Just For Conversation

Not convinced about this amazing technology? Wondering if it works? Maybe you’re a local business in one of the amazing cities here in New Mexico and are thinking Chatbots aren’t for businesses in New Mexico, maybe in LA or New York but not the cities in New Mexico. Well we’re pleased to tell you that Chatbots most definitely work (better than people at times) and they’re very well suited for local New Mexican businesses!

Here’s why.

Chatbots work because they are developed and programed for your business’ specific needs. They won’t veer off the task at hand because they’re designed to be efficient and effective. They give your customers instant access to your business. They can increase conversions, ROI and customer satisfaction. They really do work like a customer service rep for your website, facebook, sales funnels, etc. They can even give a personal experience with your email marketing campaigns!

Chatbots are great for businesses in New Mexico! As we mentioned earlier, they can qualify leads which is huge! For example, let’s say you own a plumbing company. There was an emergency call in the middle of the night 30 miles out of town. Your on-call employee goes to the call and finds out it wasn’t an emergency, it couldn’t waited until the morning or even the following day. If you had a Chatbot, the Chatbot would’ve qualified the customer, determined it wasn’t an emergency by asking a series of questions and it would’ve booked the call for an appropriate time. Awesome right! The Chatbot would have saved time and money all while giving the customer a great experience!

” Chatbots can significantly increase ROI, in some cases by 800% “

Gartner, a leading research company, has predicted 85% of customer service interactions will be tackled without human representatives! Whoa! Here are more mindblowing stats about Chatbots:

  • Case studies have proved Chatbots can cut operational costs by 30%
  • Chatbots are estimated to save enterprises $8 billion by 2022
  • 55% of consumers rather do business with a company through messaging apps to solve a problem
  • 57% of consumers are interested in Chatbots for their instant response
  • 50% of companies plan to invest more on Chatbots than mobile apps by 2021
  • Case studies have proved Chatbots can significantly increase ROI, in some cases by 800%

If you want to learn more about Chatbots then click here to read an article from Chat-Savvy Bots. Otherwise, let’s continue!

Getting a Chatbot

Ready for a tailored Chatbot solution? At Local NM Agency, we have the right Chatbot solution for your business! Our Chatbot solutions work with hundreds of programs like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Mailchimp, Facebook and so many more! We offer basic Chatbots with lead generation capabilities. Advanced Chatbots with the perfect capabilities to automate your services!

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Chatbots have numerous benefits for your business